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Bello Horizonte has been helped by the Comunidad Valencia during the Covid epidemic through " Pla resistir +”

Bello Horizonte ha recibido la ayuda por parte de la Comunidad Valenciana durante la epidemia del Covid a través de “Pla resistir +) ”

All Of The Season’s Latest Arrivals At Bello Horizonte

We have updated our showroom with a rather rudimentary concept full of details in wood, leather, and neutral hues that blend design, beauty, and comfort.     When it comes to learning the new trends that are on their way, we try to make it simple for you with our vast showroom that has varied […]

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Brighten Your Home With Our Gorgeous Spring Decor Proposals

Something about spring arouses in us a need to restore and replenish. Consider drastic hairstyles, lighter clothing, and, yes, new furniture and accessories. Whether you want to spruce up your home for the spring season or do give it a whole makeover, at Bello Horizonte you will find everything you need to update and decorate […]

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Let your home be the star of the most colourful season of the year

Adapt your rooms to the changing seasons and welcome spring into your house with some of Bello Horizonte’s new arrivals. The long-awaited season following the long winter is just around the corner, and we’re already fantasizing about pastel colors, open windows, and welcoming dinners on the terrace or in the garden. Of course, winter isn’t […]

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BELLO HORIZONTE; Where To Get Inspired And Turn Your House Into The Home You Want It To Be

      When it comes to bringing harmony into our homes, there are numerous decorative aspects that may give us that mix of elegance and warmth that we often wonder how to attain. At our showroom of Bello Horizonte, you can discover all types of items, sofas. Dining tables and different pieces of décor […]

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Infuse your home with the holiday spirit with the cute and dainty hanging decorations of our showroom. At Bello Horizonte we have prepared everything for you to decorate your home for Christmas and take advantage of the opportunity to give special gifts.         Christmas decoration finds in the rustic style one of […]

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At Bello Horizonte we are constantly renewing ourselves and that is why we want to invite you to visit our showroom that we have just updated. You will find the style that inspires you, the furniture to make it possible and the details that will give the final touch to any space of your home […]

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A new season is the perfect opportunity for an interiors refresh so Autumn is a time of transformation. Whether you are planning to make big changes or just renovate a few details, at Bello Horizonte you will find what you need to make them happen.               Bello Horizonte has a special charm […]

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Home decoration ideas for Autumn.

The month of September is a turning point in which the hot days of summer give way to cool autumn breezes and plants begin to fade from green to brilliant hues of reds, oranges and yellows.   It’s the month of changes, fresh projects, and new purposes. It’s when we all decide to make changes […]

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Stylish proposals full of personality for the new season.

We have just welcomed the summer and it is the time to transform our home into a wonderful space by giving it a fresher touch and why not more bohemian too now that we are in the season for it. We all want our spaces with personality, after all your house is the one place […]

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Style and comfort for your outdoors at Bello Horizonte

A backyard transformation can be a captivating idea for any homeowner. You imagine a total renovation of every square inch, one where nice furniture sits on top of your big green lawn. The best thing about this mental image is that it doesn’t have to be a fantasy because at Bello Horizonte Decoracion, you can […]

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