We are so much more than ‘Colonial style furniture’ at Bello Horizonte!

furniture styles


We love our customers – many of whom have become good friends over the 18 years we have been open. However, what we don’t like is when people describe us as suppliers of colonial furniture. It’s true we do have a number of colonial-inspired pieces, but labelling us – and our furniture – in such a way is inaccurate and limiting. Worse, it prevents people from finding their perfect piece for their home, because we supply many different styles and designs, and we will also source what you want, if you don’t see it in our showroom.


What is colonial style furniture?



By definition, colonial style furniture is based on historic designs from powerful conquering nations such as England, Spain, France and the Netherlands. As they colonised around the world, they brought their style influences with them, and they were then adopted and adapted by local craftsmen. So there is no specific ‘colonial style,’ it’s a melting pot of different design and cultural influences. If we were limited to one word to describe it, it would probably be traditional, but we don’t like labels.


Here at Bello Horizonte, we realise that there is no need to be constrained by style, tradition, or anything else when creating the home of your dreams. Therefore, we offer all styles of furniture, including colonial. Our pieces also have accents of modern, minimalist, and rustic touches. And there are other items that defy classification, because they are so quirky and original. While all our stock is laid out in room settings, since we like you to visualise how our pieces may look in your home, we don’t go by any rules, other than our arrangements must be pleasing to the eye. We do not define ourselves by style, but by quality.


Furniture styles


We realise that, just as every piece in our showroom is different, every home is different, and every family has different tastes and preferences. Why confine yourself to a particular style when you can have so much fun mixing and matching to create your own signature look?  We are as passionate about great design as you are, and we don’t rule anything out when creating a living space you’ll love. That’s why we always do our best to present an eclectic mix of styles, shapes and materials.


If you’re not sure how you want your home to look, come along to see us, and let’s talk about it. Our experienced sales assistants would love to share ideas to inspire you. And if we can’t find something you love, we’ll do our best to source it for you. That’s why so many of our customers return to us again and again, because we’re not happy until you are happy with your choices. New furnishings are not just a substantial financial investment, they are also an investment in the comfort and happiness of your whole family. We won’t settle for second best, and nor should you.


furniture styles

We look forward to welcoming you to Bello Horizonte very soon, and showing you just how diverse our collection is.



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