Brighten Your Home With Our Gorgeous Spring Decor Proposals

Something about spring arouses in us a need to restore and replenish. Consider drastic hairstyles, lighter clothing, and, yes, new furniture and accessories. Whether you want to spruce up your home for the spring season or do give it a whole makeover, at Bello Horizonte you will find everything you need to update and decorate your house.

The most recent trends, the greatest style for you, and, of course, all the decorative items to fill your house with color and delight.




When a new season approaches and it’s time to refresh your home design trends, it’s always thrilling. A new season begins, and just as you would renew your clothes with new accessories, perhaps some new shoes or a coat, our interiors can benefit from a refresh as well.

As they should be, our houses are a continually evolving mash-up of everything we love. As with each season fashion trends, fresh developing home décor ideas lure us to update – rather than replace – our houses.





Upgrade your home decor with some colorful carpets


Without a question, solid flooring may improve the appearance of the floor, but nothing beats injecting a dose of enticing visual intrigue into your house with some bright and colorful carpeting.



Furthermore, they are certainly a terrific way to refresh your spring decor. Whether you are daring with colors and textures or are afraid of patterns, decorating your house with carpets is a good choice. Carpets come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs, ranging from muted and subtle to bold and eye-catching. Not only that, but with the correct color, material, and pattern, you may offer your home area a variety of styles with carpets.







As we reconnect with a world that felt closed to us last year, the essential decorating trend is to be more expressive and emotive than ever before. Make more daring color choices, embrace more patterns, blend styles if it makes you happy, and discover delight in the unexpected.


Come into Bello Horizonte, in our fantastic showroom, you will find all the inspiration you need to make your house the best it can be this spring. See what’s new, our wonderful offers, and don’t forget to keep an eye on us as we will be informing you with all the updates.


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