All Of The Season’s Latest Arrivals At Bello Horizonte

We have updated our showroom with a rather rudimentary concept full of details in wood, leather, and neutral hues that blend design, beauty, and comfort.



When it comes to learning the new trends that are on their way, we try to make it simple for you with our vast showroom that has varied atmospheres cared for in detail to show you the numerous alternatives for each place in your home.

On this occasion, we provide various rooms with decorative accessories in which magnificent materials give way to the more primitive, but the pieces remain unique, such as the lamp shown below, which is made in yarn, jute, and cotton.



Without a doubt, a safe bet that will be the focal point of many evenings this summer.



Dark wood

Darker hues are trending in home furnishings. We are moving away from the pale, bleached woods that were popular in previous years as a result of the Scandinavian style. Darker wood tones provide a rebirth of classic splendor and a new twist on modern luxury this year.


Scandinavian designs in white and neutral tones are no longer popular. Expect strong designs and compositions that employ deep, dark tones for both furniture and decorative components such as walls and paneling in 2022-2023.









This is one of the decorating trends that will continue to grow. Pieces with a weathered appearance give a lot of texture and individuality to a room.





Furthermore, by combining wood with other elements like as glass and metal, we may create really significant and unique design ideas.




Chairs, on the other hand, are becoming an element that has greater aesthetic weight in our home’s decorating. Its presence around the table has clearly come to define the aesthetic of the room itself.





Chairs of various colors or designs, for example, mark the decorating and aesthetics of the dining area, becoming not just another piece of furniture but the most essential part of the space.


Of course, if we want to mix them in terms of colors and models, we must adhere to some rules. One alternative that we will not overlook is the suggestion of darker seats than the table, as shown in the image below.




Another alternative is to combine them in leather with wood.





We may also create a delicate leisure nook for breakfast, brunch, a casual snack, or simply a place to rest and converse by selecting the correct seats.



We collect the current trends and present them to you in the best possible way in our showroom, allowing you to not only see the quality of our products but also visualize them in your homes.

We invite you to get to know us if you haven’t already done so!


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