BELLO HORIZONTE; Where To Get Inspired And Turn Your House Into The Home You Want It To Be




When it comes to bringing harmony into our homes, there are numerous decorative aspects that may give us that mix of elegance and warmth that we often wonder how to attain.

At our showroom of Bello Horizonte, you can discover all types of items, sofas. Dining tables and different pieces of décor to give your house a particular touch.

We propose that you visit the Bello Horizonte showroom just outside Javea town where we will advise you and give you lots of ideas to help imagine all of the alternatives and combinations for the spaces in your house, as well as the many purposes of some decorative components. We also now have a lot of elements and products on sale that we are sure you’ll love.

In summary, a visit to the Bello Horizonte showroom may provide you with enough inspiration to locate all of the keys that your home’s rooms require to accomplish the required design.

It is a true source of inspiration for finding ideas and the greatest brands of design and décor to build dream environments.

Here today we are focusing on just some of our sofas and smaller items that you can find at their showroom, which are important items in all our living spaces.





Furniture made of natural fibers, wood and stone that will bring you serenity and freshness.





The combination of textures and materials will add to the beauty of your home’s design.




There are also countless elements that will add the finishing touch to each area.





Come wander into Bello Horizonte and see what’s new this winter, our incredible offers and we will be informing you on the latest ranges and items you can see at the showroom so look out for these and visit us.

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