Beautifully comfortable dining tables for those long autumn evenings!

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Come September, we begin to spend more time indoors, as the evenings draw in, and it gets cooler. Indoor dining is the norm at this time of year, and we have some lovely new dining tables in stock for you to choose from, in any style or material you prefer. Here at Bello Horizonte Decoracion, we have new tables coming in all the time, as the emphasis is moves away from garden furniture to indoor comfort.


All our furniture is laid out in room settings, so you can visualise how a particular table might look in your own home. Our friendly, helpful assistants will never rush you as you select your divine dining table. We love beautiful furniture too, and we want you to be perfectly happy in your choice. Our unrivalled knowledge of interior design means we can almost always find solutions to your furnishing requirements.


Each table in the Bello Horizonte showroom is different, and we appreciate that every home is different too; the ideal table for one dining space might look out of place in another, even if both properties are similar in their design and construction. We each create a particular ambience in our home, and the experiences and personalities of the people living in it contribute to the atmosphere.  Choosing something as pivotal to family life as a dining table is a labour of love. You will spend lots of time seated around it,  particularly if you embrace the wonderful Spanish custom of lingering over meals, to savour your food, enjoy family time together, and aid digestion.


What makes for your perfect dining table?


Bello Horizonte


There are so many shapes and styles in dining tables, selecting the perfect match for your family can be confusing. Think about these points before we welcome you to our showroom, so you have a few ideas we can work with together.


  • Size: Size matters, particularly with tables, and it doesn’t just mean choosing a table to fit the available dining space. Consider how your family enjoys their food. Do you serve meals on individual dining plates, or do you prefer the Mediterranean way of putting everything in the middle of the table for people to help themselves? Are you frequent entertainers at home, or do you usually just feed the immediate family? If you want to linger over your food, you may opt for larger, more comfortable chairs, so you need a table big enough to give everyone enough personal space to eat in comfort.
  • Shape: Again, it’s not just space and design element that dictates the dining table’s shape. If some people are a little hard of hearing, it’s more practical to go for a round or maybe hexagonally shaped table, so everyone is the same distance from their fellow diners. If you have young children who need supervision at mealtimes, a round table means it’s easier for others to help, so one family member isn’t solely responsible for the youngsters. If you regularly need to seat a lot of people in a small area, a rectangular table is more practical.
  • Material: Traditionally, the main dining table in the house is wooden, but new design techniques and improved technology allow for beautiful tables, made from a number of different materials. Available space and budget matter, but also consider how often you will need to move the table. If space is short, and you need to rearrange the room to accommodate guests, it makes sense to go for a lightweight table, or one that can be easily extended when necessary.


Bello Horizonte


Whatever your personal preferences and budget, you should be able to find exactly the right dining table for your home here at Bello Horizonte Decoracion. Even if you don’t fall in love with one of our exclusive tables, we will talk to you about your requirements, and we may be able to source the beautiful dining table you always wanted for your home. Come and see us soon and find out!



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