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Stylish proposals full of personality for the new season.

We have just welcomed the summer and it is the time to transform our home into a wonderful space by giving it a fresher touch and why not more bohemian too now that we are in the season for it. We all want our spaces with personality, after all your house is the one place […]

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Style and comfort for your outdoors at Bello Horizonte

A backyard transformation can be a captivating idea for any homeowner. You imagine a total renovation of every square inch, one where nice furniture sits on top of your big green lawn. The best thing about this mental image is that it doesn’t have to be a fantasy because at Bello Horizonte Decoracion, you can […]

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Great furniture and home décor offers from Bello Horizonte

January brings a new start for many people, thanks to our New Year’s resolutions and a renewed motivation to accomplish their goals. For some, this new start might include revamping their home and to give a new look to make a cozier and warmer season indoors. It is most likely the time for shopping to […]

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